FTP - Examples of client settings


Free, secure windows client. Use of Bulgarian commands via putty. Preporachan. Download here.

Host: ftp.waszadomena.xy
Username: 00_admin
Password: your password

Transmission protocol: FTP
Port: 21



Free for customers of Windows, Linux, MacOS X. To download here.

Fill Host: ftp.waszadomena.xy  Username: 00_admin Password: your password

Full guide

File Manager, a client of Windows. Shareware. Download from here.

Go to the Network
Select "Protocol FTP - Show hidden files"
Go to the "Protocol FTP - Link server" > "New Connection"

Name (session): Optional
Host: ftp.waszadomena.xy
Username: 00_admin
Password: your password

Folder: /web 
Local folder: Optional / leave empty.

To save, click OK, and then "сonnect".


end faq