MySQL Database

How to Create Database:

Begin with creating database user:
"Web Site" → "Database" → "Add a new database user"

And then create the database:
"Web Site" → "Database" → "Create a database"

In database settings, assign web which you would like to connect to your database. Select user and character set, we recommend UTF-8 as a default.

Because our databases are located on different server than hosting, you need to allow "Remote access", enter here your host IP. In case that you would need to add more IPs, separate them with commas.

You can find the IP in your administration, look here for A NAME record, the one which is assigned to your main domain name (ie A NAME yourdomain.xy.)

"DNS" → click on an existing domain entry → "DNS Records" → use IP from A NAME record

When installing the CMS, type: mysql.yourdomain.xy
You can also use the IP or server name displayed in the administration.


To access administration interface, click the icon of drawer PHPMyAdmin or use mysql.yourdomain.xy. Then login with user credentials.

    (!) If you login for the first time, you need to accept our security certificate.

How to Import Database

In case that your database is over limit shown in phpMyAdmin please use compression. File must be uploaded in the format or It is important to keep the file type in the name.

    (!) Please be aware, that upload limit for PHPMyAdmin cannot be changed.
    (!) Be careful to not to omit field and text separators.
    (!) More compression formats are supported, but not all type of compressions. If you find a bug when importing, try to compress it in another program.

There is an alternative solution to upload a database via shell. Use this: